We help people and companies buy cars from dealer only wholesale auctions. There are thousands of unit to choose from every week!! Let us get you pre-approved then just pick out what you want. 

All major automotive re-marketers sell their inventory through some form of regulated auction process. These companies include…

  • Manufactures (Ford, GM, Chrysler etc)
  • Finance and Lease Companies
  • Rental Car Companies
  • Local Banks and Credit Unions

This is our specialty!! We buy the unit your interested in and you buy it from us. Buy the unit before it ever reaches a dealers lot. We handle everything from the financing and title work to warranties.

Did You Know?

At AUTO AUCTION CONNECTION buying a vehicle has never been easier!

  • Over 4000 units available every week through dealer only wholesale auctions
  • Inventory consignors include: Manufactures (Ford, GM, Chrysler etc) Banks, Leasing Companies and local Credit Unions
  • All cars are safety inspected!
  • Free vehicle history reports available!
  • Just tell us what you want and we do the rest!!